Monday, January 20, 2014

The Old Fashioned Way

I gave a talk at the Friends of the Pomona Public Library when my first book was published and my life changed.  I met a wonderful group of women who brought to mind words like 'pulchritude', 'chutzpah' and 'amazing'.  They drew me into their group with their intelligence, experience and ability to handle more problems than I could have thought possible.

They became my best friends, took my writing class not once but 'twice' when they saw enrollment was down and read my books even if their taste didn't run to traditional romances.  Besides all this the stories they told me of growing up and raising families in America drew pictures, working and then facing retirement and the challenges of a new life after some of their spouses passed on, fed my imagination and gave me the background for, 'The OLD FASHIONED WAY'.

I knew I had to write a book that mirrored their problems and described in a small way the courage they faced problems with.

Abby and Daniel's story is dedicated to all those couples and women who took me into their hearts.

When Abby Silver a young widow sets out to find a solution for her Grandmother's failing business she meets Daniel Hawthorn an executive who holds seminars on how to fix ailing businesses.  Challenged by Abby to prove he know what he's talking about, Daniel finds himself visiting Carbon Canyon and being lured into staying.

Before he knows it he's fixing his own problems by falling in love with Abby...helped by a group of senior citizens competing for title of 'Matchmaker of the Year'.
PUBLISHER:  Books We Love

This book is dedicated to my friends:  Beth Page, Vivian and Dick Speier, Lorraine Osborn, Fern Weisend, the late Dolly and Roman Zialkowski, the late Doris Tinsley and many more dear ladies.

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