Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cupid's Arrows

Ma and Pa Cupid are a pair of spirits sent down to right a wrong Pa did. Pa has to get three couples together and understand what love is all about for his sentence to be commuted. With Ma’s help he’s on his third mission now accompanied by another spirit he has to mentor. Ma has decided she’s getting two couples together this time around. Pa and Stephen, the spirit he has to mentor, will take care of all the other stuff. 

Lt. Laurel Cupid was an exemplary combat camerawoman till she regains consciousness after an accident and cannot remember her name and rank. In a perfect world she would not be facing a charge of attempted murder nor would she be referred for a court martial. Unable to defend herself, she’s declared unfit to stand trial and placed on medical leave. 

Dr. Jacob Lightfoot is a Navy psychiatrist home on leave. Laurel’s godfather, General Paul O’Keefe, asks Jacob for help with Laurel, as he’s afraid of what’s going to happen when she regains her memory. Jacob undertakes the task without realizing he’s will be unraveling his own past while he helps Laurel Cupid with hers. 
In a perfect world his ancestor would not have been forbidden to love the man she wanted to. 

The General’s task force band together at Cupid Lodge, Silver Lake to help Laurel and keep her safe. Why is someone trying to take her out of the picture? 
As he shows her a new way to look at life, Jacob finds himself falling in love with Laurel but will she choose him over all else when her memory returns? 

Writing Laurel and Jacob's story was a challenge I loved.  All female officers are heroines in my opinion and I wanted to emphasize the sacrifices they make to serve don't go unrecognized.

Laurel and Jacob's story involved a great deal of research, which I love doing. JAG and the Washoe Indian Tribe of South Lake Tahoe came alive through the contacts that helped me with my information.  

Laurel is a survivor and she had the best help she could get from Jacob...


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