Monday, August 19, 2013


The Long Road Home was originally published by Silhouette as Tender Trucker under my pseudonym Geeta Kingsley.

It was inspired by an article about a woman who was leaving an abusive husband.   She had two young children with her and a trucker noticed her crying at a popular fast food restaurant next to a truck stop.  When he asked her what was wrong she told him she didn't have any money and had to get to her parents.  The trucker took up a collection from other truckers and in an hour she had enough money to get home and a little left over.

The kindness of strangers toward this woman and her children, impressed me.
I started researching trucks fascinated by the sixty foot sleek state of the art one parked in the lot where I picked up my husband every evening from his van pool.  Noticing the driver was a senior I finally picked up the courage to talk with him and tell him I was a writer researching trucks for a story.  He invited me to climb into his cab and look around.  With an anxious husband hovering a few feet away I did so and the trucker and I chatted.  He asked me if I would like to drive with him to the next truck stop and my husband could follow in the car and bring me back.
But my husband had had enough of my research and told me to come down.

I know truckers work hard and long hours and all of them don't need to be tagged with the same label.

I hope you'll enjoy the story of Margaret who's parents died in a trucking accident and Matt who shows her the long road home entails removing the hurdles of wrong perceptions.
This book will be available through my online publishers, Books We Love.


Monday, August 5, 2013


My second book, Project Valentine was being considered by Harlequin when I became a semi-finalist in the RITA's.  After Silhouette bought Faith, Hope and Love they bought Project Valentine and I was in Writer's Heaven.  FINALLY I had not one but two romance novels being published.   With the amount I thought I would make, I paid off the mortgage, bought myself a car (all paid for naturally) and dreamed several other dreams.

I printed 500 business cards (I still have some if anyone would like one), I shopped for Author Outfits and designer shoes and squeezed my feet into the latter till I couldn't stand next to my editor at the official party thrown for authors and did other things I can't remember.  I had a makeover and had a publicity shot taken (I didn't look any different but it was fun) and printed a thousand bookmarks for each of  my two books convinced everybody would want to buy a book.

The idea for Project Valentine came from an article in the newspaper...the local Mall was having a showing of dogs from the humane society in the hope of getting them adopted.  We had just got our lab-retriever mix from the local shelter and we all felt strongly about abandoned animals and still do.
Suddenly there was a book in the making.

The story is funny and light hearted because at the time I was firmly convinced I could write a line of poignant romances for Silhouette and light hearted ones for Harlequin.  Of course I dreamed twice as much.  Have I mentioned I dream BIG?  Then and now.

I am so happy that Arthur the Great Dane's story is all wrapped up with Molly's, the precocious eight year old.  Jessica Woods and Karl Wagner couldn't have two better matchmakers.  I hope you will enjoy this romance, soon to be published online by Books We Love.