Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25th, 2014

April's Round Robin

"You loved the blurb. First page sounded interesting. You bought the book. What makes you throw the book you're reading against the wall, stomp on it and go find another?"

I drop the book at the point the book disintegrates into an ‘every other book’ tale.

When I wrote for a print publisher I saw a distinct ‘drop’ in the writing after the first three chapters in some established authors' books.  Bear with me while I substitute 'hook' for first page.

The first three chapters were the hook that sold the book to the editor and made good reading.

After that there was this ‘oh lets get it done’ story that disappointed.

When the story begins to ‘sag’ it no longer holds me as a reader. 

When it’s the same story line as every other book the author has written, I give up on it.

My best revenge:  I put it down and tell myself 'I won’t try that author again'.

Luckily for me that there are some really good, prolific authors out there who do not disappoint.

As always Robin thanks for letting me have my say.

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