Monday, January 20, 2014


When I was a teenager, a local magazine in India had a 'made for each other' contest every month.  The winning couple had their couple posted in a full page ad.  and I always wondered how those couples had found each other.

A clown at a children's party prompted the idea for this book and a performer I interviewed later thought I should become a clown myself.

I wrote and re-wrote the first three chapters of Prescription For Love more times than I can count.
My first submission was accepted by an editor right away and then the publishing house closed!

Was I the jinx or was it the book?
I kept looking at the story and re-working it till I found myself putting in Brewster's story...I fell in love with the book all over again at this point and was so glad to find a home for it with Books We Love and receive a comment from my editor Roxanne that she liked the story too.

When out of work teacher Tess Hudson starts performing at parties she runs smack dab into Dr. Simon Tyler's arms.  Once the initial fireworks die down, Tess finds herself accepting a job in Reaching For Rainbows, a children's hospital run by Dr. Tyler.

She has to pay Aunt Mattie's hospital bills and as the latter always says, "Beggars can't be choosers."

Despite his warning she becomes attached to Brewster, a six year old with no family of his own.  The little boy needs a serious heart surgery; one pioneered by Dr. Tyler.   Simon's given up performing surgeries since a little girl died on the operating table.

Can Tess convince him to believe in himself again.  More important can she convince him to fill the prescription for love she's written him before it's too late?
Aided by Brewster and Aunt Mattie, Tess and Simon realize they were 'made for each other'.


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