Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cupid's Kiss

Ma and Pa Cupid are a pair of spirits sent down to right a wrong Pa did when they were alive. In 1870 Pa came between his son and the girl he loved, changing their lives forever.
Now Pa has to get three couples together and understand what love is all about for his sentence to be commuted. With Ma’s help he’s on his second mission now.

Bridget Cupid was raised in the Orphanage at St. Mary’s, Tahoe. Before she can make a wholehearted commitment to becoming a nun she wants to resolve the mystery of who her parents were. Christy Cupid’s website is a lead she has to follow.

Andrew Blackwell is an Intelligence Officer just returned from a deployment. His next mission is to help a colleague defect and be given a new life under the witness protection program. When Andrew breaks his knee he is forced to take cover at Cupid Lodge with his friend Mark and accept Bridget’s help to save his friend’s life.

As Andrew and Bridget work together to save a man’s life, the mystery about Bridget’s past is untangled. He hopes his kisses will waken the shy sweet woman of his dreams to wanting a new life with him.
Will this unlikely match turn out to be one made in Heaven? 

I loved Bridget from the word go.  Her convent background was one I was very familiar with being 'convent educated'.  She has very little experience of the world outside the Convent yet she's a quick learner and not the least bit submissive.  Her 'take' on life put things into perspective for Andrew Blackwell and her determination to do what is right no matter what impresses him like nothing else has in a long time.

The nuns I write about in this book are very dear to me as they were part of my high school years in St. Mary's in India.  Much later when I visited them in the Convent at Wantage, England they were surprised that I had gone out of my way to visit them.  Like Joy Adamson's Elsa, I wanted to show them my family and thank them for the great education I received.


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