Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cupid vs. O'Keefe

Cupid vs O'Keefe

The first book in my holiday trilogy starts with a pair of spirits sent down to right a wrong.

Ma and Pa Cupid, as they're called, caught the eye of an editor who loved them and then before you can say Boo! the publishing company announced they were closing!  Really?  This was happening to me again?  Was my middle name Jinx by any chance?   The synopsis was shelved.

To cut a long story short, last year the two spirits finally got their first story out in Cupid vs. O'Keefe.
When Christy Cupid discovers her father was alive till a few months ago and her mother had lied to her, she set off for Silver Lake close to South Lake Tahoe.  The house he left her gives her the new start she's always wanted away from her mother and she starts to clean up the house and turn it into bed and breakfast business.

She's opposed every step of the way by the caretaker her father left in charge.  O'Keefe will not help a woman who never responded to her dying father's plea to visit and has now arrived to claim her inheritance.  He keeps up his guise of beach bum refusing to let on he's an agent on a special Government task force guarding two men in the house next door.

Left to themselves the pair are like two parallel lines but Ma and Pa Cupid have other plans and are very sure of one thing...their first mission cannot end in failure.

It was so much fun to write about a strong woman like Christy and a great hero like Mark O'Keefe.
I love the picture of Cupid Lodge on this cover and the attic that is Ma and Pa Cupid's official residence.



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