Thursday, June 19, 2014

The January Green and Gold Mystery


A multi cultural quartet and a tutor who is from India set about solving crimes in a Los Angeles suburb.

Bethany Graham is an introvert almost fourteen year old. Since her Dad died she’s prefers her own company to anyone else’s. 
Very conscious of her large frame (she feels she’s built like Fort Knox) and plain looks, the last thing Bethany wants in the world is to draw attention to herself. How will she explain to Alexis Evelyn Raquel Rodger the fifth that her mother has hired a sari clad Indian Math tutor for her? 
Lexi will die laughing and Bethany is sure she will die of humiliation when Lexis spreads the word. 
Bethany soon discovers Mrs. Jaya Naidu isn’t just a sari clad Math tutor. She’s lived a fascinating life and has actually solved several crimes. With her help Bethany starts a mystery club and suddenly she’s in demand. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and will Bethany and the members of the Green and Gold Mystery Club be able to discover who’s behind a local burglary or will the Club dissolve before it gets off the ground?

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