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I'm really happy to announce the release of my second book, 'The Green and Gold Mystery Series:  February', under the Books We Love banner.

The book is available free from till 2nd March.

Bethany Graham is ready for another mystery but will anything fun happen in this difficult month? 

February isn’t easy for children with one parent as they have to fill in for the missing parent on Valentine’s Day. The fourteenth is extra torture for Bethany as there’s going to be a school dance at the end of the month and Lexi keeps asking her whom she’s going with. 

Bethany knows she isn’t ready for dances and definitely doesn’t want a boyfriend till she’s thirty…or does she? Deep down she knows that thought she doesn’t want to go, but it would be nice just to be asked. 

When Cody insists they follow up on a flyer about a missing pet, Beth agrees and soon they are busy with interviews and clues and trails that seem to lead nowhere. 
Mom invites a Hungarian boy to join the tutoring group, complicating matters and Mrs. Naidu only seems interested in befriending a couple of senior citizens who play Scrabble. 

Is there really a mystery to solve? 


The first book in my young adult mystery series, 'The Green and Gold Mystery Series:  January', is available under the BOOKS WE LOVE banner from Amazon. com

Bethany Graham is an introvert almost fourteen year old. Since her Dad died she’s prefers her own company to anyone else’s. 
Very conscious of her large frame (she feels she’s built like Fort Knox) and plain looks, the last thing Bethany wants in the world is to draw attention to herself. How will she explain to Alexis Evelyn Raquel Rodger the fifth that her mother has hired a sari clad Indian Math tutor for her? 
Lexi will die laughing and Bethany is sure she will die of humiliation when Lexis spreads the word. 
Bethany soon discovers Mrs. Jaya Naidu isn’t just a sari clad Math tutor. She’s lived a fascinating life and has actually solved several crimes. With her help Bethany starts a mystery club and suddenly she’s in demand. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and will Bethany and the members of the Green and Gold Mystery Club be able to discover who’s behind a local burglary or will the Club dissolve before it gets off the ground? 

Foreword Review 
Kakade tackles themes of peer pressure, alienation and bigotry toward different races and ethnic groups by interweaving teens from different backgrounds united in the common goal of solving a mystery. As the teens learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, they learn to accept each other for whom they really are, not who they pretend to be. Younger teens graduating from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys will find a smooth transition to more adult mysteries here. 
Melanie C. Duncan 

Long and Short Reviews: 
The super-sleuth Bethany Graham: Beth lives with her mother, Bridget Graham, a single parent. A computer whiz and a word collector, she loves reading. How could Mama arrange an after school Math tutor for Beth, without even discussing the matter with her first? Sometimes the best thing to do in order to get through boring homework is to find a way to make it fun. Does that involve a feisty elderly woman, a robbery, and math homework that seems really hard? Sure it does, if you’re reading the January Green and Gold Mystery. I like that this story deals with things a teenager would understand—bullying, homework, single parents, and the stress of life. You can identify with the characters and their struggles to fit in or deal with their situations. Ms. Kakade writes a story that is relevant to teens today and is something they can immerse themselves in. Beth is an interesting heroine. I like that she’s not overly concerned with boys, makeup, and clothes. She has body issues, which many young girls can relate to. She’d rather read or write. She shows that there is more to life than going along with the crowd. I also liked Mrs. Naidu. She’s feisty and full of vigor. As she inspires Beth to improve on her schoolwork, she shows her how to improve as a person while never coming right out and saying “I am helping you to be a better person”. And then there’s the mystery. This story harkens back to the good old series with the Great Dane, but in an intelligent can’t-put-it-down-until-the-last-page fashion. 
If you want a story filled with twists, turn, and characters you won’t forget, then you need to read The January Green and Gold Mystery. I give this story 4 suns. TIGER LILY

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